Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice Bike

Nice lunch ride today: 31.9F, pouring rain, trees drooping heavy with ice, and most roads were flooded. My booties filled before I even got out of the parking lot in 6" of water. Perhaps highlight of the ride was coming back on DWH when some punk cut in close to me where the water was 8" deep. The impact of the water nearly knocked me off my bike. It even filled my left ear with water through a wind-proof balaclava. I did not give him the satisfaction of a reaction and kept pedaling as if nothing happened. 14.5mi in 1hr with studded tires on icy/slushy/flooded roads. So why ride in these conditons?

10. You can't stand the lunch time chit-chat in cubicle next to you.
9. How else are you going to burn off those left over conference room donuts you scored in the morning?
8. You'll get a leg up on the competition, as they'll surely not be riding in this stuff.
7. You'll get in a harder training ride just to avoid hypothermia.
6. It builds "character," whatever that means.
5. You enjoy the incredulous looks drivers give you.
4. Riding on days like this is what makes nice days really nice.
3. The salt build-up on your bike needed to be washed off anyway.
2. 40F for the Battenkill-Roubaix will feel downright balmy.
1. Your colleagues will think you're psycho and not mess with you.

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