Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Team Kit

I've decided to join a new team this racing season. I've been with the Nor'East Cycling Club for two years, since club inception, and I've met a lot of great riders in the club. We help put on a couple great races each summer too, such as the York and Portsmouth Crits. But two friends that I do the most riding with decided to join the IBC Racing Team this year. There will be Elite, Masters, Womens, and Track teams. The Masters team has a strong contingent of 45+ age group riders. Nor'East has a few good Masters riders too, but some of them occasional race in the 4's or 3's or often don't hit the hilly road races that I favor. I'm quite often the sole Nor'East rider in my field.

International Bicycle Centers will be our primary sponsor. Although they are based in the Boston area, many of the Masters team members live just a short drive into Massachusetts from my house. The group has penchant for long, hilly training rides, exactly my gig. So when I first received an invitation to join the team, I was torn. Nor'East is a great grass-rootsy kind of club, and I know many riders in the club from both road and off-road racing. There's also the issue of team kit. I have a lot of Nor'East clothing. An entire new kit would have to be ordered. The IBC Racing Team is not a club and will be competition focused. There will be higher expectation to support the team at races.
New Kit Mock-up

I had an opportunity to ride with several of the guys before we went back to our weekend routine of snowstorms. I think IBC will be a good fit. The team kit is hot looking too. Glad it's red, as I have lots of other red clothing to match my Nor'East kit.

I'm really looking forward to some normal riding and racing. Although I rarely hit the trainer, this winter is getting a bit old. Especially after today. Skiing should have been the appropriate activity, but I got a royal spanking in my 50km race today. I did not stick around for results. Think non-stop snowfall, 30mph winds, trudging 31 miles through mashed potatoes. My technique was no match for the conditions. My technique sucks. Maybe after the emotional scars fade a bit, I'll write a report.

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