Wednesday, April 16, 2008

BK Prep

After being down seven pounds in body weight for a couple days, I'm starting to bounce back. I wouldn't wish the weight loss program I experienced on anyone. Haven't gotten results back from lab work yet, but my body seems to have dealt with the pathogen intruder on its own without going on antibiotics.

Tuesday was my first training day in almost a week. The week before that, I got in only one intensity workout before becoming sick. Then for eight days prior to that, I logged major miles in Arizona, but no intensity work. I was worried about the impact the trip alone would have on training. I rode 40 miles at lunch on Tuesday. I had no top end heading up Chestnut Hill. On a good day, my speed does not drop below 10mph. Tuesday, I struggled to hold 8mph. My weight was down to 159 lbs, so there was no doubt I was still dehydrated and probably had little fuel in the glycogen tank too. But still, with well rested legs, I at least expected to have some punch on the first climb of my ride.

Next up was Uncanoonuc Mtn. This gains nearly 1000ft from the low point, the last 600ft steeply to the summit. Normally I struggle to hold 6mph on the steepest parts of this beast. But surprisingly, I held 7+mph nearly all the way up. Now maybe because I was lack luster on Chestnut, I had more punch left for Unc, but maybe I was just starting to come around too.

I felt so good after Unc, I decided to descend the other side all the way down to Goffstown then climb back up Wallace Rd to add miles and more climbing. I held a nice threshold+ effort up this and tempo pace all the way back. Normally I don't finish this climbing loop that is chocked full of intervals very strongly, but Tuesday I did. I expected to have top end starting out and fading, but just the opposite happened.

Today, a group of us went out for a brisk paced ride. We dropped two riders immediately, so it was just Steve, Dave and I. Steve was on his fixie. I expected to just tag along, start tapering for Battenkill. But Steve always sets the bar high when group riding on his fixie. Our loop entails numerous stop signs, traffic lights, and hills later in the ride. Rolling into Amherst, we had 24.3mph avg. WTF? We didn't give much of this average up through the hillier parts either, finishing the 23 mile ride with a 24.0mph average. I almost felt guilty finishing a lunch ride in less than one hour. Strangely, I felt stronger today after yesterday's 2+ hour hammer hillfest. Goes to show what a forced recovery period during illness can do for you. Now I only have two days to taper for BK.

I haven't been out on my new Ridley at all except for a 6 mile test ride in the neighborhood. The crank is wrong length (172.5mm), and I need to get this swapped out for a 175mm crank. Since I haven't worked out the bugs and dialed in the fit, I will not be able to use the Ridley for BK. This is a real bummer. I'll use my heavy, non-aero Dean, which is still equipped as I raced it last season. I've gotten emails asking how to equip for BK. Here's a few highlights:
Gearing: 53/38 crank with 27/12 cassette. I won M35+ two years ago with triple.
Tires: 23mm Pro2 Race. I don't see wider tires in lead group with 10 miles to go.
Bottle Cages: Elite's, heavy gauge aluminum with gell grippers. Leave your gram weany stuff at home.
Wheels: Rolf Prima Vigor RS. Dainty carbon rims are risky.

I lost a water bottle the first year, but surprisingly it was not through the artillery sized craters in gravel. It was over the tracks in Cambridge. I suspect with long dry spell going into this year's BK, the gravel will be much looser than the last two years. I hope I'm off the front when we reach the first 40+mph descent on marbles!

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