Friday, May 2, 2008

Hosed at Jiminy

I forgot how quickly some of our local "spring classics" can fill. When I got around to signing up for the Masters 45+ field at Jiminy Peak, it was full. The 35+ race was nearly full too, so I jumped into that field. I'll be only IBC/Global guy racing 35+. So why am I hosed? Roger Aspholm (Westwood Velo) will be there, for one. He rides away from the field in nearly every masters race he competes in. The race can be brutal until the field relents and lets Roger go. That means the rest of us will be competing for second place.

Since this is my second year racing in 45+, I haven't kept track of riders moving into the 35+ field. I know a few other strong riders in there, but there may be others I don't know. In some ways, if you exclude the Roger factor, the 35+ race might be easier than the 45+ race. The 45+ field is one of the most stacked fields I've seen. There are at least 20 guys in there that can win.

I entertain the idea of winning most races I enter. Not Jiminy this year. That will take a lot of pressure off. Maybe I'll even race smarter and not burn so many matches at the front early in the race. Hope the weather holds up, as I really don't care to race in a cold down pour.

I signed up for Sterling. Teammates say this is the first year that a 45+ field has been created. I haven't done this race but am familiar with parts of the course from training rides I do down that way. I would say it's not a pure climbers or pure sprinters course. Hard to say what can be done there. I'll have at least five teammates. There should be no excuse for IBC/Global to not take a podium spot. The pressure is on.

A while back, Solobreak extended an invite to a few local hammers to test their mettle in a "Big Blue jamboree." The Sterling race weekend is out for me. Legs would be in less than ideal shape, and Mothers Day is a no-go. The following weekend is Sunapee race. Then we have our annual 6-gaps sufferfest on May 24, which is Memorial weekend. Solo, interested in this? 132 miles, 14,000ft of climbing, two dirt gaps, and 24% grade on Lincoln Gap. It feels so good when it is over. So an assault on Big Blue may have to wait until May 31 or June 7.

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solobreak said...

Six Gaps... possibly. I am looking at a few different things for that weekend. I'm still straddling the running/riding fence right now and there are duathlons every weekend at the end of May. I don't want to pass them up because there are so few chances to do one (and I don't swim...)

June 7 there is a TT at Waterville. I know it's not a hillclimb, but I think you should do this. Even if you go into it with an equipment handicap, I think you'd do very well in this type of race. You just need aerobars (which can be borrowed) and deep dish wheels, which I'm guessing you have. That's good enough.