Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Heading for the Cool Mountains

Signed up for the Waterville 30km TT. It's not your typical TT with 800+ ft gain going out. Coming back will be down, but probably into the wind. I'll be going cannibal (not commando like I posted earlier). This probably won't hurt me that much heading up the valley, but it could be very costly coming back down into wind. I would like to do a 40km flat(ish) time-trail with aero sometime. It is a benchmark all serious cyclists should establish in their careers.

Choosing not to do the Balloon Festival race in NY was tough. It is a long, very hilly race. Leaving so early for a big race just makes a stressful day. Plus it is going to get hot this weekend. No feedzone support for a three hour race in 90F weather is a sure recipe for cramping.

It could be 10 degrees cooler in the mountains Saturday. Post TT, I hope to explore some new dirt roads like Sandwich Notch, and maybe hit a few favorites like Gonzo, Kinsman, and Franconia.

Got in a primo hill workout on my lunch break today. Hottest lunch ride so far this year, which really still wasn't that hot. Hammered 12 miles out to Chestnut Hill and then went right into climb. Had adverse wind most of the way there and for most of the climb. Finished in 8:31, tying my second best. Factor in minimal recovery after a hard weekend, it was a good effort. Good chance I'm in PR shape right now and I might want to go for sub-8 minute finish on Chestnut. Chestnut is my number one benchmark tool, with a current PR of 8:14. Legs pretty much gave up the ghost climbing Uncanoonuc Mtn later in the ride. Maybe a thermal breaker popped. When I started coming back, the wind had shifted. Seems a front was coming in. The wind sock on the tower in front of our facility was pointing in 120 degrees different direction from when I left. Head wind both ways was maddening.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for changing your mind about going commando for the TT on Sat, it would have freaked me out to see you racing like that. /Dave

solobreak said...

Hey the Gilligan's Island cannibals were always pretty sparsely dressed...