Friday, September 5, 2008

Mt Mansfield Correction

Posted results for the Race to the Top of Vermont have been revised. There was a minor timing snafu that had everyone's time one minute slower than actual. I finished in 39:08, 1:56 back from overall winner Jesse Downs who finished in 37:12. For the women, Susan Lynch finished in 45:37. These will be the records to beat next year.

Myself near summit. Everyone's expression is the same at this switchback: horror at the steep pitch around the bend. Photo credit Wadsworth
In the combined bike/run race, I actually came in 8th place overall. This means five people ran up this mountain faster than I biked up it. Humbling.

2550ft gain, 4.3mi/93% gravel, 12% average grade

I incorrectly mentioned in my race report that #2 finisher was an Olympic hopeful. It is actually Jesse Downs that hopes to make the 2010 US Biathlon team. More can be read about the race at the Catamount site.

I'll get the details (profile, stats, etc) of this event up on the race page soon. Next up is Burke Mtn Hillclimb on Saturday morning. Hope tropical storm Hannah holds off a few hours.

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