Sunday, December 26, 2010

Bike-run brick

My "off" day was anything but. I soft pedalled out to the Lake Michigan shoreline to scope out the conditions. Once in a while, the shore is perfect for cruising. Usually by this time of year, ice is piled up high, making it nearly impossible to even walk along the shore. I was pleasantly surprised to find virtually no ice on the shore. The sand was frozen solid with dusting of snow on top. As a bonus, this was the first time in 13 years (since I've been riding) that the sun was out and the shore was rideable.

Looking north 4mi south of Holland pier.

I thought about doing a pier to pier ride, riding from the Holland lighthouse to Saugatuck lighthouse, but it was supposed to be a recovery day. I went only half way. My studs made negligible noise on the frozen sand. My consciousness dissolved into the brilliant light and roaring waves lapping up on the beach. Sometimes the simple rides like these are worth more than the exotic, far away ones.

On the return, I realized I was gliding so effortlessly on a tailwind. I rode almost 50% slower on the return. From the tracks in the snow, it appears many others have discovered beach riding. I've seen one or two tracks in the past, but this time there must have been twenty tracks. The weather here will remain cold and dry, so I hope to return to the beech later this week for a full pier to pier ride.

Looking south along many other like minded rider's tracks

When I got back, I swapped Sidi's for Nike's. I bought a pair of Nike Free's. Most of my running friends freak when I tell them what shoes I will learn to run in. They say those shoes are Achilles tendon damage waiting to happen. I figure since I have no running technique at all, minimalist shoes will force me to not heel strike right from the start.

Red bike, green run

Running is painful. It doesn't hurt me in the places I thought it would, like my joints. It mostly hurts my hamstrings and quads. Today I ran 5.4km, the longest distance I've ever run in my life. Of course, I ran barely faster than speed-walking pace at over 8 minute miles. I didn't seem to suffer too much while I was moving, but 15 minutes after stopping, I could barely walk. My hammies were in a fit of rage. So much for a recovery day. I was hoping to ski 50km at VASA on Monday, but that looks doubtful now.

For once the weather in Michigan is more cooperative for the things I like to do than in New Hampshire. I wonder how hard it is snowing at home right now? As far as a bike-run "brick," no worries. I'm not about to be assimilated into the dark side of tri.

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Anonymous said...

That is the running technique I was trying to tell you about. It has been good for me with minimal injuries; which occured mostly from going faster than I had trained for.
It was difficult to measure snowfall amounts with all the wind, but I get about 9 inches.