Friday, May 27, 2011

Like Father, Like Son

My son is home on leave from the Navy. He now has two zippers on his body to show off. They are results of separate skateboarding mishaps, less than six months apart. Last fall Aaron broke his left scaphoid (peanut shaped bone in wrist). Scaphoids don't heal well and often need a special screw to pull the halves back together. Aaron got the screw.

I don't think he was even finished with physical therapy when he got hurt again, this time fracturing his right humerus. The doctors gave it a chance to mend without a plate, but it wasn't working. Even three weeks later, Aaron could feel the jagged ends grating when rolling over in bed. It was not a good sleep situation. So the doctor decided a plate with screws was necessary. Because three weeks had gone by, surgery was a bit messy and an overnight hospital stay was needed.

Humerus and scaphoid zippers, May 2011

So Aaron and I are pretty close to even now. He has a plate and several screws in his humerus, I have a plate with six screws in my left fibula. Aaron has a pin in his right scaphoid, I have two pins in my left tibia. Only difference is I did mine all at once one limb.

Fibula and tibia zippers, May 2010

So do you think Aaron will stop skateboarding? I suspect that is about as likely as me staying off my mountain bike. Like father, like son.

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Anonymous said...

Is his CO going to forbid him from skateboarding?