Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soggy Day 1

Made it to Alleghe, a couple hours behind schedule. Not everyone's bikes and gear made it to the airport with them. Quite a group to ride with, 26 total, all guys. Forecast was spot on for today. Rain in the evening, becoming heavy. We built our bikes up in light sprinkles. We went out for a 30km "shake-down" ride to make sure the bikes were good to go for the 110km loop on Sunday. It started to pour out as we began the 1600ft climb out of Alleghe. It was also about 50F out. I went up in short sleeves but grabbed essentially winter layers for the descent. I got almost as cold on the 15km descent as that one time Dave and I tried to ride up Mt Evans. Many of the views were obstructed by clouds and rain. I took just two pictures on the ride. The roads are incredible though. Just a taste of things to come. That's all for now. I'll leave you with a couple pictures. Oh, Blogger spell checker thinks this should be Italian, so it gives me a 99% failure rate. Ignore mispellings this trip.

Bike build

Lago Alleghe from in front of our hotel

Beginning descent back towards Alleghe

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