Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last of the season?

Another great mountains ride this weekend. That makes what, three or four weekends in a row now?  Life is good.  Greg, Dave, Glen and I met up in Campton early Saturday for a four-gap ride in the Whites. It was frigid, in the 20's to start. Planned route was to hit Gonzo Pass (Rt 118), Long Pond road, Kinsman Notch and Thornton Gap (Tripoli Rd). That is two dirt climbs and two paved climbs. Greg had never ridden Long Pond, Glen had never ridden Tripoli Rd. Both were in for dirt road treats.  My work schedule has been oppressive lately, it is getting late, so I'm going to let the photos show how great the ride was.

Glen finishing up Gonzo Pass with the Franconia Ridge and
white capped Mt Washington in the background.

Dave, Greg and HJ at Gonzo summit with snow dusting.

Glen cresting Kinsman Notch.

Dave and Greg heading up Long Pond Rd. Only one car passed.
Numerous rim biters on the way up had me nervous about the
all-dirt descent. I felt probability was high at least one of us would
flat. Yep, Dave, at the bottom. And somehow he managed to find
 poop, which I nicely cleaned off his rear tire with my glove before
I knew it was there.

Dave cresting Tripoli Rd. Surface was frozen hard, mix of sand and snow.
One ice patch just below here had to be carefully dodged.

From Topo. I logged 78.6mi in 4.7hrs riding time. Vert was
probably just under 7000ft. Might be last time this season
to hit these.

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Alby King said...

Ooh... Snow....

You're right about all these amazing weekends. I keep thinking "this is the last good one" - then "geez'm! another one?!"