Monday, January 2, 2012

Maintenance Ride

The holidays are no exception to the current trend (expectations) that we work on our paid, off days. I did take liberties at lunchtime today to get a respectable ride in. I also took a razor sharp pruning saw with me to clean up some remaining October storm damage.

Gave me the willies riding with this strapped to my Camelbak

You see, some of the available terrain isn't exactly sanctioned riding material. There are no scheduled trail care days. These trails have probably existed as long as humans inhabited the area. Local residents walk their dogs on them. They are used to reach secret fishing spots. Kids no doubt party and skinny dip along the route.  These trails also make for fine lunch ride getaways.

Walkers have beat down paths around some of the storm dead fall. Unfortunately, these lines have no flow and entail a bit of bush whacking. The dead fall was too big to move single-handedly, so it had to be cut into pieces to be moved. Mission accomplished. Next time through will have flow.

A large portion of my ride hit sanctioned trails in Wasserman Park and Horse Hill Preserve. These areas are rigorously maintained by NEMBA and others. It was hard to believe riding on January 2 in October conditions. I rode 21 miles in 2hrs, mostly on trails.  There were a few greasy spots, but in large, the trails were dry. I'm quite fortunate to have so many miles of singletrack so close to work. In less than three minutes out the door, I'm on dirt. Excluding Mine Falls, I'd say there are 30-40 miles of singletrack and ATV trail within six miles of where I work.

Too risky to put GPS track "out there"


DaveP said...

I did that too, the last few days, except with a chainsaw. The logs I was dealing with were at least 2' in diameter. After this rite of passage, I have become a man.

the bully said...

Top of your map there is a new trail we just installed. When heading up the double track boney climb that takes you to the intersection where you can go left and continue on loop trail, or right to head up to ledges and outer ledges. Just before you get to the intersection you will see a small well constructed bridge on your right. Trail currently runs about 1.5 miles and with a planned land donation will be extended next year. New singletrack is also being planned for Horse hill and blodgett. Nice job on the trail maint too.