Thursday, June 14, 2012


Seems a few of my colleagues have a little time on their hands these days. Even though they never met "Fat Doug," they believe this person still lives inside me, and he's fighting to come back.  Since a small child, I've always had a reputation for voluminous eating habits. Eating volume hasn't changed the last 15 years since I shed over 70 pounds. I balance the eating with aerobic activity these days.

This masterpiece appeared this week in the office. Lots of inside humor here. Images of Kevin Sliech and I were taken at last year's CIGNA 5k race. Not  sure where image of master chef Tom was taken. One day Rich (creator of masterpiece) and I were ridiculing one of Kevin's designs, and in frustration he rhetorically blurted "What are you guys, big F'n experts?" So now were known as BFE's in our group.

A while back, there was a push to bring Fat Doug back. A photo of what I once was appeared at the entrance to my office seeking edible donations of the sweet kind with a goal to reach 300 lbs. Very cleaver. The first day, I scored all kinds of good stuff, and with my lacking willpower, I ate most of it. Unfortunately, donations plummeted shortly after. I had to take this donation center home to photograph it, as cameras are not allowed in our facility.


Anonymous said...

Is there a link to a PayPal account where I can make a donation?


CB2 said...

Maybe we can start a giving campaign to bring back "Drunk Charlie"!!!

solobreak said...

Are you hiring? My resume is pretty strong in the area of coworker heckling.