Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy weekend

In between proposal writing at work and a major home project, I managed to get in a little activity this weekend. Friday, which was supposed to be an off-Friday, I escaped to Windblown for a quick ski after raving morning reports. Conditions weren't bad when I got there, but apparently word spread fast and the limited terrain that was groomed pretty much had all the descents scraped off. I was a little terrified a couple times.

Great view of Mt Monadnock from Windblown

Saturday midday I hooked up with a gang from the greater Chelmsford-Bedford area for my first significant road ride of the season. With the two fastest tandem couples in the northeast, I felt like I was being tag-teamed by the dueling tandems. We hit a bunch of hilly terrain between Carlisle and Wachusett area that I hadn't ridden before. The constant punchy climbs took a toll on my already tired body. I was beat after the ride.

Sunday I had high hopes for a long-ish MTB ride. I had many other things to do so I had to keep it close. The Manchester area had very little snow, so I thought the loop around Massabesic Lake would be good. What you see from the car is not what you get in the woods. It was post hole hell. The snow pack was all deep frozen foot prints and frozen hard as rock. My aluminum hardtail with a 12yr old SID fork with barely any compliance left in it beat me further to a pulp. I called it quits after 90 minutes.

Looks like snow but was rock solid. No fun on hardtail with 35psi in tires.

At least the roof turned out pretty good. Contractor finished it in two days. One of the storms this winter ripped numerous shingles off our roof in several areas. Those were pretty crappy shingles. Our house was new in June 1997. Luckily we got it done just before the next major snowstorm. When is first day of spring again?

Before, one area of damage:


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