Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Tracks, Hill Junkie Style

Played hooky this morning. I missed my Tuesday night Weston fix due to storm in progress. Didn't want to suffer through another drive like a few Tuesday's earlier. It's a wonder I maintain any semblance of ski fitness at all, skiing no more than twice a week. All I can squeeze in with crazy work hours right now. So with a warm, wet spell coming up, I had to get a midweek fix in before things got too ruined.

So I hit Waterville, which has the best accessibility of big vertical areas from where I work. Plus they wouldn't warm up as quickly as some of the more southerly areas. It was already above freezing when I got there. Fortunately, I keep my Toko structure tool in my car, and I still had some pure fluoro on my skis from racing the weekend before. Hopefully that would keep the morning from becoming a quagmire slog.

I was the first to lay tracks heading up Tripoli Rd. Being Massachusetts ski area subsidy week (winter break), I was surprised to have most trails completely to myself. North end grooming was quite good. The trails were firm, but quickly getting soggy in the brilliant sun. My skis didn't get sticky, just slower.

Of course, I had to hit my other favorite climb there, Livermore/Cascade. Cascade rarely gets in as good of shape as it was today. Too bad I'm such a timid descender. After nearly 2.5hrs of immersion in dreamland, realities of daily life snapped me out of it. I had to get back to work. A great workout. I should do this more often during the week.

First tracks on Tripoli Rd

From Bob's Lookout

Solid base. Note picnic tables on left.

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