Friday, March 21, 2014

Yeah, Baby!

That time of year again to head someplace warmer to ramp up cycling volume. I missed Arizona last year, hit Moab and Fruita instead. Got in many great rides that trip. But Tucson offers an off-road experience that is hard to find anywhere else. The flora and fauna are so unique. The weather is almost guaranteed to be mint this time of year too.

Just my wife Cathy and I will be heading out this year. She doesn't ride much anymore, as her rheumatoid arthritis has progress to a point that makes riding uncomfortable. But like most folk in the northern part of the country, she sure could use a little warmth and sun. Looks like we'll literally be jumping out of the freezer and into the frying pan.

We'll spend the first three days in Tucson and the rest of the week in Sedona. I have several long rides planned, including two point-to-point rides where Cathy agreed to shuttle me. Two new areas for me to hit will be the Tortolita's near Tucson and a big loop in Prescott, just west of Sedona. Some high risk terrain is embedded in these rides. My boss said I was too busy to take risks...

Invariably, when my pale complexion is exposed to mega-doses of solar radiation for the first time in spring, my lips get severely burned, swell up and resemble one of the cartoon characters I watched eons ago.

I need a break from work in a bad way. Hitting new terrain on every planned ride will help melt stress.  Hope I don't OD on riding hours. I have a pittance of hours on the bike so far this year. Anyway, the sofa bike is there waiting for me. Haven't been on it in ages. I put some more serious tires on it than my usual girly XC racer type tires. 2.35" Racing Ralph's. Yeah, I know, they still have "race" in the name, but they are much beefier than the regular RR's.

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Cary said...

Some pretty good new RA drugs due out in the next couple years...Humira is no longer effective?

Your pics are getting me through the workday!