Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Work and play

I took the rental bike out one final time this morning before heading over to the convention center. I had hoped to ride a place called Alafia, which purportedly sports the area's most technical riding. But this was just far enough out of town that I couldn't rationalize it, given time constraints. So instead, I headed back to Wilderness Park where I rode on Saturday. It is less than 20 minutes from the middle of downtown Tampa and provides a quality outdoor experience.

Having learned the lay of the land at Wilderness on Saturday, I wouldn't have to pull the map out for navigation and waste precious moments. I could also hit a few bits I missed earlier because I rushed to get back to the car before the skies opened up. No fear of that this morning. It was fairly comfortable too, but still humid.

I was able to get in a 22mi ride in 1.9hrs. Legs were a little lethargic from Monday's steady 3hr tempo ride. At least getting out early like this put my mind in the right place for the rest of the day. I'll leave you with a few photos. Thanks for visiting.

What I'm doing when not riding my bike. Giving talks on reconfigurable transceivers.

Gator Bait trail. Very difficult = beginner trail you bring your girlfriend or wife on in New England.

Panther Trail. Felt very remote when you are never very far from roads.

Another shot of same spot on Panther Trail.

There are vast areas in Wilderness Park that look like it has been plowed. Vegetation is gone,
ground is deeply broken up, even the trail in spots is upheaved. Poking around in Google, I learned
feral hogs are doing this. Huge problem in many areas.


DaveP said...

Hey Fat Doug, Are you one of those feral hogs you were speaking about? The confusing part for me, at least, is I thought you were only into pastries and donuts, not vegetation. I mean, are you really out there mountain biking or is it just a front for doing something else?

jason_ssc1 said...

I like the reflectors on the wheels!

Anonymous said...

Where is hamburger bell?