Sunday, March 29, 2015

Double-Dipping Dilema

I've discussed "double-dipping" here before, some time ago. It's always been in the context of refusing to let go of the cycling season as the transition to snow sports begins. Well, this year I suffer from the malady on the other side of the pendulum swing. It is hard to let go of the Nordic ski season.

Double-dipping refers to doubling up on long duration workouts chocked full of intensity. The last few weekends have been burying me. I'd arrive at the start of a new workweek in a catatonic state. Not a bad thing necessarily, being properly anesthetized for the stressful environment that work is. But it is sub-optimal from a training perspective I suspect.

Double-dipping weekends go like this. Pummel myself on skis or bike the first day, usually solo, getting finely tuned dose I what I perceive is needed. Then on the second day, join a group activity, of which most are sporting fresh legs and jonesing for a hard workout. 4300 feet vertical on skis Saturday, then group hammerfest on snowmobile trails Sunday? Yep, that will put you in a hole. Or how about 4000ft of solo threshold work on the bike on Friday, then hit sticky snow on skate skis with two others on Saturday. That works too. I must really like those catatonic Mondays. It has become the Hill Junkie way.

Upper Snows at Waterville Valley on March 28, 2015. Photo by Skogs.

Clinging on to winter this season certainly has not been an act of desperation. Much of New England still looks like winter wonderland. It's not as if the dry mountain bike trails beckon. Heck, it could be another month before snow melts on north facing slopes. It snowed lightly all day over much of New England on Saturday. Even though skiing moist powder at Waterville Saturday was very hard work, it sure would have beat riding the wet, messy roads. The roads were even treacherous in spots. Many accidents heading up to Waterville Valley in the morning.

Dave, HJ and Skogs on a very wintry March 28. Photo by Skogs.

I'll be heading down to North Carolina in a week for "spring training camp" with three others. Hoping for warmer, drier weather than two years ago when I went down there. It will certainly be warmer and less messy than around here. I do hope to ski one more time when I get back, a final double-dipping weekend!

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