Monday, July 27, 2015

J.A.M. Fund Grand FUNdo

Saturday was a perfect day to join 300+ other like-minded riders for some dirt road fun. I participated in this fund raising ride once before in 2011. This year's course featured new sections. When my friend Brett expressed interest, I couldn't think of a better way to get my weekend fix in.

There were warnings to bring 25mm or bigger tires, especially for the hero extension to the ride, called the "Hundo," because it rides like a hundred miles. The night before I scrounged for 25mm road tires. You'd think with over 50 tires hanging in my basement I'd have something bigger than 23mm that could go on a road bike. Nope. So now what? My cross bike was sitting right there with 38mm tubeless tires on it. Hmmm, seemed like total overkill. But I wouldn't have to fuss with the bike at all. Just throw it in the car. So what if I had to work a little harder on the paved climbs. I just hoped the new course wasn't all pavement.

A mid morning start was nice. I could sleep in. Not having to pin a number on was nice too. No stress, just hours of fun to look forward to. I hadn't ridden in a large group in ages, so I was a little apprehensive about that. There is a certain skill to riding wheel to wheel, shoulder to shoulder, without getting sketched out or messing somebody else up. Would I get nervous? I'll let the photos portray how the day went.

Starting out with police escort

Lead group at first food stop. No rush to get back on bikes.
They had fluffnutter with blueberry and bacon sandwiches!

Timmy playing on the rocks
One of many skinny dirt roads

Many double-digit grade grinds

The Funk Meister

After second food stop, eleven of us remained in the lead group on the Hundo course.
No apprehension riding with this small group of elite riders.


I was starting to like my tire choice after hitting many sections like this. There were many
flats for the day. I could bomb the descents with my monster truck cross tires with
reckless abandon! By the end of the ride, I had no regrets.

More closed roads, please!

Tim frantically trying to get the Stan's to seal while Anthony was extolling the virtues of
his $25 tires. Eventually a tube had to go in.

Poor fella. Mighty tasty.

The venue at Black Birch Vineyards with Mt Tom in background.

This was the funnest group ride I've done in a long time. The event was extremely well organized with great food and beverage afterwards. I loved the new course segments. Hope they are kept for next year and not deemed "too challenging." 87 miles with 8550ft of climbing for the day.

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