Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Northeastcycling.com is down

Several people have notified me that my Northeastcycling.com website is down. Lycos provides the hosting and domain name registration service. I am working with them to get it restored. Lycos lost control of my domain name and has requested I contact a third party to regain control of it. Of course, that third party is requesting money. Basically my domain name is being held hostage. I don't know how Lycos let this happen. I suspect it may involve others whose domain names were registered through this third party foreign registrar company. I'm still working to get it back but won't pay extortion fees to do so. Don't know where this will end up yet. I invest little time in Northeastcycling these days and certainly don't have time to reconstruct the entire site with another host. Any suggestions for painless transition are welcome.

One reader pointed out an archiving site has a fairly recent archive of my site. It appears to all be there. You will find it at Way Back Machine.

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The end of the world is upon us.