Friday, April 21, 2017

Moab: Day 1

[Previously posted on FB 4/21] Headed to the southwest with Mrs Hill Junkie for a warm desert break. We plan to spend most of the week in Moab before heading over to Durango for a couple days. Exploring "down the road" possibilities...
After bike build, I went out for a quick spin right in town on a trail called Pipedream. Had ridden this once before, forgot how challenging it can be when you don't know the trail. Riding it with my Tallboy this time, I had many fewer dabs.
I had wanted to spend a couple days in the SLC area before heading to Moab, but there is still a lot of snow there. Riding possibilities are limited. Probably best I nixed that a few weeks ago when booking lodging. Snowbird got 10" of snow last night and many areas remain muddy from frequent rain. None of that down this way in Moab. 10mi, 900ft, 1.3hrs.

Pipedream trail near southern trailhead. La Sal mountains in background.

Totally weirded me out riding under this rock that is barely stuck up there.

Trail and weather were perfect.

Exposed bits.

From below you wonder how a trail weaves through this mess.

So green in Moab.
Huge $12 platters at El Charro Loco. Very yummy.

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