Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I coulda used these today

Outdoor conditions are in that inbetweeny state right now. There's not enough snow anywhere to support decent XC skiing, and many back roads are still dicy for road cycling from Saturday's snow dump. After a rare, true rest day Monday, I was eager go at something hard. Had to be rollerskiing. Wednesday is going to be a mess with impending storm. With any luck, I could be back on snow Friday.

There's something not quite right rollerskiing when the ground is mostly white. Even worse, I nearly crashed a couple times today pushing off on icy patches in the shade.  Perhaps Thom P was on to something when he suggested studded rollerski tires. I made my own studded MTB tires before really good ones became commercially available.  Guess I'll have to do the same with rollerski tires until Thom patents and sells his idea to Nokian for a million bucks. Then Nokian can begin producing millions of studded rollerski tires per year. This could be awesome. Skiers could save so much money by not having to pay trail fees anymore or buy exotic, expensive waxes.


Luke S said...

That is an abomination. There is enough snow to ski here if you are enterprising (And we're no snowier than you) Failing that, lace up your shoes and go for a run!

rick is! said...

and think of all the road kill you could create!

Steve G. said...

Ice patches and roller skis don't sound like much fun to me. You should have come over Tue AM. It was one of the few days a year that conditions were just right on the golf course to skate.

Big Bikes said...

I'm still in talks with Nokian, but they keep putting me on hold and their hold music is kind of scary.

Once we put studs on roller-ski wheels it'll be a whole new world: studded roller-blade wheels; studded skateboard wheels; studded shopping cart wheels. There's no stopping us!