Sunday, December 6, 2009

Nashua Ski Track

Was bumming Sunday morning. Just enough snow to preclude rollerskiing and road cycling, but not enough for any XC ski centers to open/re-open. A trail ride might have worked fine. Four hours of that the day before was enough for the weekend. Then on a whim, I called SteveG who lives on the Nashua Country Club golf course. He just got back in from classic skiing on the course. He highly recommended the warmest, wettest wax I had, as the base was essentially slush even though the top layer was dry powder. I put on some cheap fluoro, Fast Wax bronze. The Nashua CC is 10 minutes away. The sun had been on the course for a couple hour now, so conditions were deteriorating quickly. I found anything but the close cropped fairway grass was utterly unskateable. The snow sat on top of the taller grass and skate skis would just cut under it and ride on nothing but grass. A few face plants steered me to a nice 0.7km loop that skated quite well, albeit slow. I managed a fairly strenuous 49 minute workout before things got too slushy. Had I been on the ball, I could have gotten a 2+ hour workout in. Forecast is looking favorable for better ski conditions next weekend.


Luke S said...

I did the same when we got a 4 inch storm back in the beginning of november. A ton of fun. Still the only on snow time I have this year.

plum said...

Doug I had a dream last night that you made jalapeno muffins. They were awesome.

Alex said...

Classic is definitely the technique of choice for low-snow conditions like that. This morning at Weston was perfect, dry powder and everything frosted up, I could almost believe it was mid winter!