Friday, March 11, 2011


Finally time to put a tough week behind me and think about the week coming up. When was the last time you've seen a forecast like this?

Tucson, AZ next week

This will be quite a shock to the body. Alex and I plan to spend four riding days in Tucson and two riding days in the Sedona area. Reports and webcams say 100% of the snow is gone in southern Arizona, even at 10,000ft. This opens up a couple opportunities. I'd like to stay off road, but a 10,000 footer near Safford is tempting, even if the first 6000ft of climbing is paved.

I've climbed Mt Hopkins three times already, a mostly dirt auto road up to an observatory at 8500ft. I have a variant in mind for this trip, where we'll climb a jeep road most of the way up. Parts of this will hit greater than 20% grade. Ought to offer some new scenery and hopefully no motorized traffic.

Mt Hopkins with Tucson and the Santa Catalina's in the background

In Sedona, I plan to cover some trails I hadn't hit before, some that might be relatively new. There is ride called the Double H ride, for Highline and High on the Hog trails. There is also a Triple H ride that hits Hangover, but some crazy sick exposure on it is not my gig.

Sedona Double-H loop

Looks like one last chance to ski on Saturday, then hopefully I'll report on a hot ride we did on Monday.

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Nice forecast, Fat Albert.