Sunday, March 20, 2011

Semi-Recovery Thursday

Having logged about as many hours of riding in three days as I have in a month this winter, I needed a break. The planned 50 mile TMP ride wasn't going to happen. Alex hinted another 5+ hour day would have broken him too. So we hit a couple cool spots with minimal elevation change, riding only an hour or so at each. These were the Sweetwater Trails and the 50 Year Trail. We rode almost all of Sweetwater and hit the best of 50 Year, including the Chutes and Upper 50.  The virus I'm plagued with claimed my voice during the ride, leaving me squeaking like I was huffing helium. Alex was amused.  The dry air and temp in the 90's didn't help.  Here's a few photos from the day.

Doug @ Sweetwater

Alex @ Sweetwater

50 Year Trail with the Santa Catalina's in the background

Alex on 50 Year

Heading to Sedona. The Double-H ride on Friday was the most
techy thing I've done on two wheels.

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