Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Colorado Trail Segment 6, Kenosha Pass to Georgia Pass and Back

I will be re-posting Facebook posts here from my Colorado trip over September 4-17. FB purposefully buries content to keep you glued to feeds so you don't miss anything. Clever, but makes even your own content almost impossible to find later, never mind trying to share it outside your FB network. Posts here have permanent links and the content is Google searchable. My primary reason for re-posting here is so I have a handy reference later to refresh my memory what I covered on a particular trip. If you follow me on FB, you will have already seen the next sequence of posts. They will be back-dated to when the rides and hikes took place.

This was supposed to be a "shake-down" ride. Pick up bike, build at trailhead, go for short spin to make sure all is ok for big ride the next day. Except this turned out to be a big ride.
Much of the climbing and descending was very technical and steep. Going from 300ft to 11,000+ feet in hours didn't help. Had second worse altitude sickness ever. Felt on verge of puking with excruciating headache for last two hours. I've gone to 14,000ft before within 24hrs of arriving at altitude without issue. Go figure.
Anyway, gorgeous day, a little traffic first couple miles of trail, then huge blocks of time with perfect solitude late in day. The only thing that got shook down on this ride was my body!

Near low point of ride, Georgia Pass somewhere out there in distance
Approaching Georgia Pass, ridgeline on left

Looking over Georgia pass to northwest at Breckenridge

I was worried about snow on this trip but short sleeves above 11,000ft today

Heading down the CT east to pick up Jefferson Trail

Jeffereson Trail

Still snow melt going on! THis will probably not melt before winter

There must have been 20 switchbacks like this on Jefferson Trail. Many stream crossing too, with either rotted bridges or too sketchy for me to risk crash first day of trip. Very slow going

The season is changing


Jason said...

I've always preferred following your activities in this format rather than Facebook. It's so much easier to reference, as you said. Perhaps you could post it here initially and then just copy the link to Facebook so you'd have the reports in both formats.

Hill Junkie said...

I've gotten lazy. Facebook made it so easy to upload a batch of photos and annotate them. The sizing is all automatic in FB. I found when I post here first and link to it, not as many people follow the link. I'm guessing many are using mobile devices and want to stay in the FB app where it is much easier to view photos. You can go full screen, flip through photos, and captions stay overlaid. Don't get this in mobile version of blog. People like to comment on individual photos too, something lacking in Blogger. For non-photo intensive posts, I will still try to post here first and link to FB. I don't always link blog posts to FB. While there is some overlap between FB and blog followers, the audiences are a little different. I generally stay aware of that when creating a FB or blog post.

Unknown said...

Finally a JMJ blog post